victim2 Pam Vandermolen of Lil Luv Lyns cattery, located in Mason, MI placed a total of four (4) cats with one client that subsequently all passed away within a time period of 20 months. Two kittens died at under the age of 15 months.  One was 4 years old and one almost 5 years old. Both, the four and five year old cats died from HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), a hereditary heart defect. One kitten came with an array of upper respiratory viruses, including calici, bortadella and mycoplasma.   After spending thousands of dollars to get the kitten well, it fell ill with the wet form of FIP and subsequently had to be humanly euthanized.  The remaining 1.5 year old kitten had to be euthanized on Christmas Eve 2015 due to non-regenerative anemia caused by bone marrow cancer while the buyer was battling cancer herself.  This is very unusual for a cat this young. The buyer contacted the breeder upon the calici diagnosis in one of the kittens.  The breeder at that time admitted that she had lost 4 kittens due to this upper respiratory disease and claimed another kitten had a big sore on its mouth. All in all the buyer spent over $7,000 trying to diagnose and treat these cats - to no avail.  The buyer's veterinarians compiled a large report for all cats which was promptly forward to Pam Vandermolen.  Her response was: " I don't know what happened, all your cats' family members that I have are still healthy and I only replace if it is congenital, so stop calling and stop trying to contact me!!". Shortly thereafter, the breeder admitted that the siblings to the ill-fated cats the buyer lost also all died.  The breeder then proceeded to advertise many of her cats claiming she was "downsizing".  (Editor's note:  "downsizing" can be breeder speak for getting rid of diseased and sick cats and an admission of having too many to handle.) The breeder's website is plastered with show wins and brags galore.  In the grand scheme of things, this is no guarantee that the breeder sells healthy kitten, acts responsible and professional.
Facebook Post: Bad breeder out of Michigan that claims all kinds of top cat shows awards but we have lost all our four cats from her... Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2016