Today we are reporting on Mangosteen Bengals, located in Kursk, Russia, owned and operated by Daria Mangosteen .

Daria Mangosteen sold a kitten by the name of Mangosteen Lola to a breeder in France. The kitten arrived with horrible diarrhea and tested positive for Tri-Trichomonas Foetus as well as giardia. Both parasites can be endemic in catteries that do not test and do not treat (it is a very treatable condition).

The kitten was ultrasound checked for a disease unfortunately common amongst Bengals – PKD – Polycystic Kidney Disease which is routinely fatal and also considered hereditary. The new owner also did a DNA test for the specific PKD gene which turned out positive. Interestingly enough, Daria Mangosteen provided the buyer with a PKD DNA test result by Fractal Bio. This company does not perform PKD testing, so likely the test results are a forgery.

This kitten’s parents are without a doubt PKD positive (at least one of them). Testing required for PKD only needs to be done one time via ultrasound. A cat is either negative or positive. Positive cats should never be used in a breeding program. It is unfathomable that Daria Mangosteen would use untested breeding cats in her program.

When confronted with the reality of her shady cattery practices, Daria Mangosteen vehemently denied any wrong doing, blamed the buyer by telling them that is must have been the medicine the cat was given for the parasites. Subsequently, in true backyard breeder fashion, the buyer was blocked on Facebook and is out thousands for a breeding cat that had to be fixed as it cannot be used for its intended purpose.

Please take note and do NOT buy from Mangosteen Bengals. We would not recommend even buying only a pet. These kittens are likely all have the parasites and many of them will die from PKD.