Calling Out a Bad Breeder – Deflection as a Means of Justification

In our 1.5 years of existence we have come across and investigated a unfortunately large contingent of bad cat breeders. Some are evident, others are much more subtle.

Chrissy Russell of Ayzhazen Cattery at first sight seems to be just fine. Well spoken, nice writing style, good grammar – in other words, she appears to be professional. Then you have the other end of the spectrum such as the previously reported on Shilo Webb whose grammar leaves to be desired and who uses profanity when called on her business practices.

One thing that consistently afflicts any bad cat breeder is their amazing ability to deflect from their ongoing troubles as well as masterful finger pointing skills and an unmatched ability to make their victims responsible for absolutely everything. They also seem to hold a PhD in embellishment.

Chrissy scoured through our website and has contacted every single bad cat breeder mentioned. One of them responded.  This particular one sold ringworm infested kittens, was visited by animal control and cited because she sold kittens out of a rented apartment without the required license.

When reading through her iteration of a kitten sale gone bad, it appeared that the buyer is to blame for the condition the kitten arrived in. Never mind that the incubation period for ear mites and ringworm is considerably more than 5 days.

This “breeder” was contacted by BCB; however, all she could do is throw around profanities which subsequently earned her a ban from being able to post to our Facebook page. We were simply told to “f’ off”.  In true bad cat breeder fashion this breeder was and still is blaming the buyer and is blaming Bad Cat Breeders for her misfortune.

Ms. Russell is no different. She had options and chose to defraud her buyer, blame her for the misfortune and when called on it is now blaming Bad Cat Breeders for having to stand in the limelight.  Never mind that she chose to step into it by behaving unprofessional and scamming a distraught woman out of thousands while blaming the buyer for the demise of her cat(s). And to answer her question - Bad Cat Breeders will never stop. Not as long as there are buyers being defrauded and disenfranchised.

A good breeder will never deflect from taking responsibility, will be empathetic, will return phone calls, will replace unless they suspect abuse. A good breeder will admit when they made a mistake or if something goes sideways.

So keep in mind the next time you see a breeder going to great extent to explain issues away (illness, incompetence of the buyer, medical issues of a loved one, no money, too much money, showing off their awards, etc.) that this is done to deflect from their wrong doing, says nothing about their victims and a lot about them – none of which is any good.

And keep in mind that Bad Cat Breeder's Mission is first and foremost to help pet buyers and not support breeders in their efforts to circumvent responsibility.



  1. Great read. I think every buyer should read your posts before buying a kitten.

  2. Virginia Kouyoumdjian

    October 31, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Very interesting. I am in France and there are issues here as well. I bought two kittens in a row from a breeder who both turned out to be FeLV positive. One died at 18 months and the other at 15 months. The breeder refused to do anything about it. He did not believe in vaccinations and actually told me that the second kitten had gotten FeLV because I had had him vaccinated. Clearly, I shall never again go anywhere near him.

  3. What is your email address?..I have a complaint about a bad feline breeder in California, and want to send it CC, rather than individually…I plan on sending it to several sites, agencies and the DA’s Office..
    Thank you, ellen

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