We received several complaints about a Bengal breeder located in Barnegat, NJ by the name of Holly Barrile D.B.A. Spotacular Bengals.  She also goes by the name of Holly Berrile and Holly Cario.

Holly sells kittens with the following health afflictions:

  • HCM
  • Feline Leukemia
  • Tri-Trichomonas Foetus
  • Fleas
  • Other parasites
All of these diseases require either treatment or testing both which clearly is not being done by Holly. She has also been associated with taking money for cats she then never delivers.  Her BBB rating is a C- due to several complaints against her as far back as 2015 to which she never responded.

Ripoffreport as well as Reviewtalk also have plenty of upset buyers telling their story.

Here is the link to the two complaints on Ripoffreport:



Please do your research. People like Holly know how to talk the talk that gets you to fork over your hard earned dollars.  She owns two TICA cattery names – Spotacular and SpotacularBG.  Please note that TICA registration does never, ever guarantee that you are dealing with a reputable breeder or that you are purchasing a healthy kitten.

Do your research before you buy. Check out our variety of articles on the subject here.