When calling out a breeder on suspect behavior or a transaction gone wrong, you can expect one of three different reactions:

  • Empathy, understanding, help and a remedy
  • Silence  up to and including being blocked from email correspondence, messaging and social media
  • Massive backlash with endless explanation of the breeder's particular situation that are designed to justify what happened attempting to place blame with the buyer
We recently called out Chrissy Russell of Ayshazen Cattery in her role of a transaction gone bad.  You can read all about it here.

Ms. Russell contacted the web administrator of this site Konnie Surmann, demanding that she take down the post and remove any mention of her name.  That was done pending the submission of proof of Ms. Russell's assertions.  We never received any form of proof whatsoever other than her word.  The article was republished.

Ms. Russell turned to typical bad breeder backlash behavior and attacked our web administrator up to and including putting together a "website" about this situation as well as devoting an entire page on her own website to this subject and prominently displaying a "Humanitarian of the Year" award.  It should be noted here that this award is voted on by her peers (as in friends).

Ms. Russell discontinued the use of her original domain "ayshazencats.co.uk".  That registration clearly identifies her as the owner of said cattery.  She instead not only chose to change her domain name to "ayshazencats.com", but also is now keeping her personal information private.  Changing one's domain address results in a considerable reduction in website traffic which in turns results in a reduction in potential buyers contacting the cattery.  This move is very often utilized by the typical backyard breeder.  Any change of domain name or change of cattery name is very suspect and reeks of an attempt to cover up one's tracks.

As a matter of record, Ms. Surmann has been in rescue for well over 16 years and is known throughout the cat fancy as an avid cat welfare advocate.  She is a member of the International Web Association (IWA) working towards her CWP certification and is this site's webmaster. As such she has designed and continues to maintain this web page. That is the extent of her involvement.

What does that mean to a buyer who has a bad experience and is facing the type of behavior displayed by Ms. Russell?  Do not give into this.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not allow this to silence your voice.  A reputable breeder will do everything in their power to right the wrong.  Things happen.  Not every kitten will reach adulthood.  Good breeders set themselves apart by how they handle adverse situations which should include empathy, understanding, listening to concern, replacing and even refunding your money.