Update: In an attempt to evade negative publicity entirely brought upon herself, Susan Hutchison disabled her website and is instead using Facebook for her cattery.  In typical backyard breeder fashion she has also put together a new personal profile, making this #3 that we know of. She continues to advertise kittens for sale, so she is making money she could use to right the wrong and refund the newbie breeder she defrauded.

  On October 2, a newbie breeder in Taiwan received two Ragdoll cats/kittens she had purchased through Zuzanna (Susan) Hutchison of Royal Ruby Dolls in the U.K. The female kitten carries Susan's cattery name while the male carries her uncle's cattery name (Ragi DollsPL). Her uncle is Krzysztof Wydra who resides in Poland.

When the Taiwanese breeder first contacted Susan looking for a male, she was shown pictures on RagiDollsPL Facebook page clearly identifying a specific male as a show quality cat.  Another male was also pictured that was not suitable for showing as it had a patch of white hair on the tail.

Both kittens arrived in deplorable condition.  The male clearly was severely malnourished.  Much to the dismay of the new breeder, the male also had a white patch of hair on his tail that had been cut very short to disguise the fact that she had indeed not received the male she had originally paid for.  The female arrived with breathing difficulties as well as absolutely horrendous breath.

The kittens were examined by an import veterinarian who noted the issues.  She was then allowed to take them home. Within just a day, the boy started throwing up every time he ate and the girl clearly was showing breathing difficulties plus her breath was very smelly.  The Taiwanese breeder took both kittens to her own veterinarian and both were examined.  The boy weighed only 3 kg (that is 6.6 lbs) at one year of age.

The vet also noted that the girl's gums appeared severely inflamed and noted that this condition could very well be stomatitis.  He prescribed a treatment for stomatitis and recommended that the kitten would be seen by a specialist veterinarian.

The entire time, the new breeder communicated with Susan Hutchison (here's her other Facebook profile) about the condition of both cats.  She also spoke with Krysztof demanding a partial refund due to the white patch of fur on the boy's tail. Krysztof promised to send 400 Euros out of the 2000 Euro purchase price.  The Taiwanese breeder was not in agreement with that but was told that is what she was getting and end of story.  She was then blocked by both Susan and Krysztof. The Taiwanese breeder did receive 400 Euros, but no additional funds.

In her desperation to find some relief, the newbie breeder turned to Ying Chien Wang, a TICA Cat Club President for help.  Ying was instrumental in facilitating the purchase as she highly recommended Susan as a "reputable" breeder.  Matter of fact - Ying had previously purchased cats from Susan.  Ying simply told her to calm down and not to agitate Susan or her father over this transaction.  This move was purely to preserve Ying's ability to get replacement cats as the ones previously received from Susan were also of ill health. On October 16, 2016, the Taiwanese breeder took the female kitten to the specialty veterinarian for further testing. The final diagnosis is severe stomatitis.  Stomatitis is an auto-immune inflicted condition where the body's own immune system relentlessly attacks the roots of the teeth causing massively inflamed gums that ulcerate. Any cat afflicted with this condition is in constant discomfort.  Furthermore, the source of the breathing difficulties were identified as an abnormally narrow trachea right in the throat area.  In conclusion, the specialty veterinarian stated that this kitten was not suitable for breeding. Subsequently, all teeth were removed which brought the stomatitis to a halt. The breathing difficulties; however, continue.

The Taiwanese breeder paid 2200 GBP (Great British Pounds) for the girl plus 600 GBP for shipping. She paid 2000 Euro for the boy plus 600 GBP for shipping.  She was promised two show cats suitable for breeding and got one cat entirely unsuitable for breeding and one pet quality cat that could be used for breeding; however, is still severely underweight and not in the condition to be used for that purpose.

Initially our contact with Susan did not result in any communication. Instead, Susan chose to start communicating with the Taiwanese breeder through her mother's Facebook page (Magdalena Lutra of Lutra Ragdolls) and also alerting Ying Chien Wang about our communication with her which resulted in Ying threatening the Taiwanese breeder with a lawyer.

To top things off, the Taiwanese breeder did not receive papers for either cat.  Supposedly, the papers were sent to Ying Chien Wang.  Tracking information provided by Susan Hutchison shows delivery of the paperwork to Ying on October 24, 2016. Yet Ying insists that she does not have the papers and does not know anything about them. Subsequently, the papers were received.

Bad Cat Breeders negotiated an agreement with Susan and Krysztof that would give her a female kitten of her choice as a replacement plus $1,572 in monetary compensation. It was agreed to make the payment by no later than February 28, 2017 as Susan cited financial difficulties and the Taiwanese breeder was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

February 28, 2017 came and went and neither payment nor the kitten was received. Stay clear of these three breeders. They will take your money, give you sick cats and/or no cats at all.