Thank you for contacting us. We will contact you within 48 hours regarding your inquiry. If your submission details are found to be similar with past submissions  we will endeavour to connect/link any and all parties. Privacy is important to us and initially only general information will be provided regarding whether there have been other submissions regarding your complaint.

Once a decision is made to proceed with your complaint we will contact the other party(s) at our discretion and notify the additional complainant(s).  At no time will any private information regarding the submitter be released nor any details of the complaint and any contact will be solely up to the additional complainant.  Furthermore a release of information form will be required if both parties wish to proceed and contact each other.

Please also note that NOT EVERY SUBMISSION is accepted for investigation beyond the review process.  There is no fee for reviewing your complaint. Every submission is looked over in an objective way.  If you have supporting documents  (receipts, contracts etc) please note that in your submission.

Please submit your complaint via the form below.  [wd_contact_form id="4"]