There are many sites that offer private investigations, sure.

At we do cats and only cats.  We take breeding ethics seriously and bad breeders make breeders and breeding in general look bad.  Our focus  and aim is to provide every single one of our clients with the know-how to recoup their losses.  From investigation to mediation on your behalf to filing complaints with the cat registries (as applicable) and FEATURE posting your story, we will stop one bad breeder at a time.

We are constantly hearing about sick kittens and have spent days helping clients with issues ranging from replacement to reimbursement.  Trained professionals familiar with medical terms and tests will go through all your documentation with a fine tooth comb to develop the facts that support your case. These facts can then be utilized in court cases, mediation and even to file complaints with cat registries that support such a process. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a "furbaby" and not getting justice.

We know personally how how it feels to be taken by a breeder in it for money. We will honestly and intensely investigate your case, lab results, diagnostic results, documents, texts, breeder facebook pages, court records, investigate known partners and associated.

Note:  We assess all cases objectively and provide a number of investigative tools and packages in order to serve you best.  WE DO NOT TAKE EVERY CASE.  When you submit a contact form we will ask for some information. Once we review you email,  you will get a request to send documentation and be asked to submit payment to proceed.  Unfortunately, not every case will be something that we can apply our skills to. For more information follow the links below for services, package descriptions and pricing.


Background Checks: Multiple Packages to choose from that range in price from  $20 + Description of Service , Pricing and Features Chart

Mediation When talks breakdown, it doesn't mean things cannot be settled by mediation. Pricing coming soon

Complaint Letters to Cat Registries (CFA, etc.) Let us take the fuss out of composing a complaint document. We will review all relevant documents and submit on your behalf as per the regulations set forth by the respective cat registry.  We have the time, experience and know-how to make your document work for you. Description and Pricing coming soon.

For more information on any of our services please contact us.