Features & Pricing Guide.

Gold : This is the most comprehensive search we provide. We investigate both individual and cattery taking into account variations on name spelling and languages. All website source information is viewed for all relevant data. Includes social media pages, groups, communities they admin, like and join. Multiple external databases are reviewed such as local and all previous found addresses and business names are searched for news articles, court records, chatrooms etc. We will also conduct a thorough analysis of known associates and contacts if necessary so that no posts or data are left missed.   Suggested Donation: $45USD

Silver: This package provides the thorough picture of the individual and cattery that includes all variations on spelling, including native language, Search of all breed related registries both locally and internationally. We will search common relevant social databases and online records going back 2 years.  Suggested Donation:  $35USD

Bronze: Lightweight, but still holds its own. Relevant breeder registry search with spelling and language variations for both breeder and business name(s) partners etc. Search most popular social media sites and databases. Suggested Donation:  $20USD

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