Due to several recent issues brought to our attention, we felt it was necessary to go over the various payment methods that breeders offer and their pros and cons.

Personal check:

This a very safe method and would enable to you dispute the transaction in the event the breeder does not deliver the kitten and decides to keep the deposit regardless of what  a contract says should the breeder change their mind.  If you as the buyer change your mind, be prepared to lose that deposit.


Some breeders will ask you to send money as a "friend" in order to avoid charges that PayPal will assess to use their services.  Don't do this!!!  Instead tell the breeder you will send money the regular way and pay the additional fee.  If the breeder refuses, do not go through with the transaction. PayPal offers a 45 day dispute option that would get your money back in the event something happens.  If you send money to a friend, that dispute option is not available. Ideally, pay via PayPal with a credit card.  In the event the 45 day dispute period has expired for example on a deposit and the breeder changes her/his mind and is holding your deposit, you can dispute this transaction through your credit card company and get your money back that way.

Credit Card:

You can always dispute a transaction if you pay with a credit card. This would apply to deposits and even the entire purchase price in the event the kitten arrives very sick or the breeder simply takes the money and never delivers your cat/kitten.  Be prepared to show a contract.  The credit card company will not simply refund your money, but investigate thoroughly.  So do not put down any money without a contract - EVER!

Western Union:

In very simple terms - DO NOT USE THIS METHOD, EVER!!!! You will have no recourse.  If you need to send money internationally - demand bank account information to transfer money.  Never, ever just send money.  Do not proceed if Western Union is the only way a breeder can/will receive money.