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Follow Up to “FIP and the Bad Cat Breeder”

We appreciate the huge response our original “FIP and the Bad Cat Breeder” has generated. Not surprisingly, breeders commented letting us know that without a necropsy, FIP cannot definitively be diagnosed.  Our article specifically stated that it is the sign of a bad cat breeder IF after exhaustive diagnostic testing, the most likely diagnosis is FIP, a breeder demands a necropsy.  We never stated that a breeder who demands a necropsy after a cat was “diagnosed” with FIP based on minimal blood work is a bad breeder.  One of our admins lost a kitten they purchased to FIP.  The diagnosis was arrived at by extensive testing – blood work, ultrasound guided biopsy, clinical symptoms to the tune of over $4,000.  The admin chose to have a necropsy done after the kitten’s demise and it was, of course, FIP.  If the breeder would have made a replacement conditional upon a necropsy after this staggering sum was spent, you would have looked at a bad cat breeder.  The insistence on a necropsy is directly affected by how much diagnostic testing was performed.  In this particular case not only did the breeder chose not to replace, but she actually demanded the return of the kitten so the admin could get a refund of the purchase price.  THAT is a Bad Cat Breeder.

For those that commented citing Dr. Pedersen’s statement regarding the 100% diagnosis of FIP being possibly only through a necropsy, please be advised that he reviewed the diagnostic test results of this kitten and concluded it was “FIP”. Again, a necropsy is necessary IF there are inconsistencies that do not support the typical disease profile.  Or if the kitten owner choses to put the animal to sleep after minimal diagnostic testing citing “monetary constraints”.

Rescues commented as well, although the relevance with respect to the genetic component of FIP is lacking with cats of unknown origin. This page is about breeders, not rescues.

We have closed commentary on the original post and will not allow commentary on this post. This page is about helping PET BUYERS who are taken to the cleaners by bad breeders who do not take responsibility and hide behind whatever they can possibly hang their hat on to avoid a) having to cough up an replacement and b) having the “FIP stigma” associated with their cattery.  “Oh, without a necropsy you cannot be 100% certain. For all I know that kitten died from neglect or poisoning or lymphoma”.  If the pet buyer exhausted every single imaginable test to diagnose their kitten and this is the response they get from the breeder, that is the sign of a Bad Cat Breeder.  

Adopt, Don’t Shop – What is Bad Cat Breeders’ stance?

Our FIP article has generated a sleuth of comments specifically mentioning time and again that buying purebred kittens/cats is wrong, citing the thousands of cats being put to sleep in shelters simply because homes are not available.

Bad Cat Breeders will not allow the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” philosophy being propagated through comments to our posts or on our Facebook page.

Pet overpopulation is not the fault of breeders, but rather a sign of owner under-commitment (why in the world was that cat surrendered to a shelter to begin with?), the lack of affordable and easy to access low cost spay/neuter options as well as the continued refusal of veterinarians to spay/neuter a cat prior to the age of 6 months. At 6 months a “kitten” can already go into heat and thus become pregnant.

It is not and never will be a breeder’s responsibility to make up for other ‘s failure to commit a life time to their pets and/or fix them so they cannot procreate.

There is a place for the purebred cat fancy. If you do not agree, continue adopting your cats from a shelter.  That is wonderful!  If you want to buy a particular breed because you fancy it, more  power to you.  In either instance, research the source of your kitten/cat carefully.  There are bad shelters.

By the way – all admins of Bad Cat Breeders actively rescue, own rescue cats AND  purebred cats.

What is a Bad Cat Breeder?

The typical Bad Cat Breeder is someone who knowingly sells kittens that are sick, suffering from common parasites and diseases such as Calici.  They are easy to spot because their kittens look diseased, malnourished and  neglected.

There is an ever-growing contingent of Bad Cat Breeders that are very difficult to identify.  Their breeding cats appear to be very well taken care of and very healthy.  The breeder boasts show win after show win, top breeding lines and offers only the best of the best.  Interestingly enough, these breeders often have a strict "no visit" policy citing "threat of disease brought in from the outside" as a reason.  If more than one red flag goes up - you are most likely looking at a sophisticated version of a Bad Cat Breeder.

Only if things go wrong will you see who this breeder really is.  Communication often comes to a screeching halt. The breeder will accuse the buyer of wrong doing.  The breeder will insist on a costly necropsy even in the face of veterinary documents clearly diagnosing the pet with a genetic defect.  The breeder will offer no refund, no replacement or worse - threaten the buyer with legal actions if they do not "stop the slander".  

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