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BAD CAT BREEDER ALERT #3 – Alexander of Shadeaby Cattery

Alexander of Shadeaby Cattery in Russia has taken deposit monies for an Abyssinian cat then subsequently cancelled the transaction by virtue of arbitrarily changing the terms and then refusing to refund or reimburse any portion of the amount paid to him.  We are aware that a complaint has been forwarded to the CFA regarding this incident. Looking at this in an objective way one could argue the breeder has a right to ask for full payment prior to shipping, but as you can read above Shadeaby Cattery does not conduct business this way and asks for a deposit then the remainder as cash in hand upon delivery. This business arrangement has its advantages and the buyer's claim is not only backed up by the above messages, but also by a comment on Alexanders own Facebook page (highlighted in red below) by a previous buyer. Included is Alexanders post regarding his side of the story. His mathematics though do not correspond with what the buyer can prove was paid in total. All that was owed to Alexander prior to the cancellation of this transaction was $100USD, plus outstanding amount to be paid in cash on delivery for the cat. Below is Alexanders own account he posted publicly. As with most things once one issue is made known, others who have kept quiet begin to come forward. Below are PKD Results sent to a breeder that are suspected of being forged by Alexander. The results are not in the UCDavis Database and the ID# is not valid. Further a closer look reveals that the PKD Report and the PRA report have the identical ID, which is not possible given they are 2 different test results. These results were sent to us via another breeder who confirms there is good reason to doubt that these results. Recently he arranged to sell a breeding cat to a breeder in the USA which he claimed he had to deliver because it was better for his cat. Facebook messages though confirm he actually contacts breeders in places HE would like to visit and the sale and couriering of his cats is decided by the places he wishes to visit. In this particular instance Alexander wanted to see The Grand Canyon. Beyond this there are also concerns regarding the terms of his "verbal agreements" for payment. In the beginning Alexander requests a deposit and fees for air travel. Once this amount was agreed upon and monies were paid (mins $100 USD remaining) Alexander demanded the entire outstanding amount paid prior to travelling. When this buyer did not agree to paying the remainder prior to deliver he became threatening and insulting. He was told repeatedly by the breeder she wanted to stick to the terms they agreed upon and that he could bring the cat and collect the remainder of the money or cancel the deal. In the end the deal was terminated and Alexander did fly to the USA bringing another breeders cat to another lady but did not bring the Abyssinian cat with him nor did he refund the money or any portion of it to the breeder. Alexander Shamshin's behaviour is not a one off occurrence either. It has been discovered that he is known for being difficult to work with, for changing the terms of his agreements and unless the buyer agreed he would cancel the transaction. Further it was discovered that he does not keep all his cats in one location but keeps some at another apartment at a location 10mins away. He admits there is no one living at this location but that he visits it everyday to play and look after the cats. View video Alexander has admitted in posts to receiving money from the breeder. Recent  posts have also been him slamming other breeders in order to perhaps defend himself on Facebook, but contain no proof to back up his claims. These posts have since been deleted along with comments on his facebook page when others did not agree with his remarks. All of this has lead us to conclude that caution must be exercised with respect to dealing with him.  

Adopt, Don’t Shop – What is Bad Cat Breeders’ stance?

Our FIP article has generated a sleuth of comments specifically mentioning time and again that buying purebred kittens/cats is wrong, citing the thousands of cats being put to sleep in shelters simply because homes are not available.

Bad Cat Breeders will not allow the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” philosophy being propagated through comments to our posts or on our Facebook page.

Pet overpopulation is not the fault of breeders, but rather a sign of owner under-commitment (why in the world was that cat surrendered to a shelter to begin with?), the lack of affordable and easy to access low cost spay/neuter options as well as the continued refusal of veterinarians to spay/neuter a cat prior to the age of 6 months. At 6 months a “kitten” can already go into heat and thus become pregnant.

It is not and never will be a breeder’s responsibility to make up for other ‘s failure to commit a life time to their pets and/or fix them so they cannot procreate.

There is a place for the purebred cat fancy. If you do not agree, continue adopting your cats from a shelter.  That is wonderful!  If you want to buy a particular breed because you fancy it, more  power to you.  In either instance, research the source of your kitten/cat carefully.  There are bad shelters.

By the way – all admins of Bad Cat Breeders actively rescue, own rescue cats AND  purebred cats.

BadCatBreeders.com Investigates & Promotes Change!

The purpose of BadCatBreeders.com is to offer tangible support and search assistance to those that have had issues purchasing pedigree cats from breeders that are sick, have died or are dying from viruses, bacterial infections and congenital issues. Proof is a standard for all posts and in many cases is provided in PM. Posts without proof are consequently deleted.  Data received is thoroughly gone over by more than one admin and researched so that we may provide objective feedback, advice and support.

As you can see, our site and Facebook page provide a positive source of support for those that have suffered unimaginable heartache and in many cases financial losses without support or feedback from their breeder. In any and all cases where accusations are found to be unsubstantiated by either proof or due to lack of knowledge, the posts by posters on our Facebook page are deleted.

It is our intention to make known not all FIP, diseases or illnesses are due to Bad Breeders, etc.  Many times there is a gap between buyer awareness and breeder responsibility and vice versa. Our ultimate goal is to shed light on issues that represent red flags in the breeding/pet buyer transaction so that all may know their rights and thus improve the interactions overall bilaterally.

Too many sites and pages focus arbitrarily on defending the breeder due to the onslaught of "Adopt don't Shop" messages and bad reputation given to breeding in general. We feel that this is superficial, minimizing and ineffective.  Ultimately unless the issues are heard and given discussion, no real change can take place and the  only way to improve the experience on both sides of this equation is to look at the issues bilaterally in a professional (non-personal) and objective way.

Many may not agree with this, but this page and our site have helped numerous breeders (yes, breeders have issues with other breeders, too) and pet buyers take their issues when warranted successfully through the dispute process, from correlating data to renegotiating contracts to be more inclusive and  mutually beneficial. The key is "mutually beneficial" and there are many good breeders out there that don't deserve the stain that the small percentage of bad ones have given this profession overall. 

As for the Anonymity - that just makes sense given we Investigate claims made so goes without saying! Knowing who we are is not important. As long as we don't know who you are/you're a responsible breeder, that's  what's important!
Facebook Post:After sharing a heartbreaking story on another page we have begun to receive some punitive feedback. This buy/breeder... To comment visit Bad Cat Breeders on Facebook. Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What is a Bad Cat Breeder?

The typical Bad Cat Breeder is someone who knowingly sells kittens that are sick, suffering from common parasites and diseases such as Calici.  They are easy to spot because their kittens look diseased, malnourished and  neglected.

There is an ever-growing contingent of Bad Cat Breeders that are very difficult to identify.  Their breeding cats appear to be very well taken care of and very healthy.  The breeder boasts show win after show win, top breeding lines and offers only the best of the best.  Interestingly enough, these breeders often have a strict "no visit" policy citing "threat of disease brought in from the outside" as a reason.  If more than one red flag goes up - you are most likely looking at a sophisticated version of a Bad Cat Breeder.

Only if things go wrong will you see who this breeder really is.  Communication often comes to a screeching halt. The breeder will accuse the buyer of wrong doing.  The breeder will insist on a costly necropsy even in the face of veterinary documents clearly diagnosing the pet with a genetic defect.  The breeder will offer no refund, no replacement or worse - threaten the buyer with legal actions if they do not "stop the slander".  

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